Windows 11- Context menu disappear in single click mode

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i don't like double click in opening an item.


i went to explorer options and chose single click to open an item.


Opening the items is fine, but when i right click over an item to show the context menu, it shows and disappear quickly, and i have to right click again to show it. I thought it is a problem of my Logitech wireless mouse, i changed it but the situation is the same.

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@Mfathy2022 I have the same issue:sad:

Same thing here except with me it disappears twice most of the time and on the third right click it stays. Does this on my PC and my wife's laptop

I have exactly the same issue. Hopefully this gets addressed soon
This seems to have something to do with mouse moving. If I keep my mouse very still, the menu won't disappear. But if I move my mouse around and click, it happens. Feels like the mouse moving trigger an event in single click mode that cancels the right click menu


Hi, I have the same issue. Double click mode solves problem, but I prefer single click.

Long press right mouse button works for the first time. Natural short press causes disappearing of context menu. I think @weijinhastala is right. The smallest mouse move causes disappearing.

My mice: MX Master 2s and Anywhere 3.


Hi, I found (semi) solution to this problem.


Context menu stop disappeaing in single click mode when checkboxes are on.

To enable it you have to open folder options -> view -> use check boxes to select item.



Another (semi) solution is to restore the old, full context menu's:
It's killing 3 birds with 1 stone :)
- Context menu does not disappear.
- Context menu is faster.
- Context menu displays all options.
(But still I hope MS fixes this issue soon...)
Ok thanks I will give that a try.. thanks a bunch..
Hi Marcin,

Thanks for this, i tried it and it works fine. but other issue appears, as when you check any item for selection, the item opens. You have to be very focusing when you click on the checkbox to prevent opening the item
thanks for this, but in fact the reduced context menu is one of the most important features in windows 11
Same problem here!!
I 'v noticed that disappears quickly only when you right click inside a window and not on Desktop right click.

I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I had my click items set to single-click and had the issue with the right click context menu disappearing.  I tried the "use checkboxes" option that another user recommended which worked but I didn't like the checkboxes so I turned that off.  Then I changed to double-click which worked but I also didn't like it (I'm picky).  Then I changed back to single-click and now the disappearing context menu seems to have resolved (!).   So maybe try those steps and finish with your original one-click settings and potentially that will fix it.  It did for me, at least for now.







Its fixed now!! Probably from windows update!!