[Windows 11] Clicking taskbar icon doesn't always switch to that program/window


When clicking on the icon in the task bar for programs I already have open, sometimes it immediately switches/brings up that window as expected but sometimes I have to click several times before it actually brings the window up, and once or twice now it hasn't brought the window up at all (maybe it would have if I kept clicking, but it shouldn't take more than one click let alone >5).

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@MSpake I've had this exact bug for weeks. Sometimes when I click on the app icon that I want to switch to, it flashes the icon like it needs attention (the pill at the bottom changes color to show it needs attention), but it won't switch to the app. Also, the windows "Task View" stops functioning. 


I've also found that when this bug occurs, if I click anywhere on the empty part of the taskbar, all of the app icons start responding properly again, and Task View starts working again. 

I am facing the same problem. it's so annoying every single click.

Same - at least a month and lots of searches, just one search came up with something about using Alt-Tab instead which is a non-answer

try always hide Taskbar, at least clicking the app icon is working

I have the same issue. I switch between 2 apps constantly when writing software and this is extremely annoying. 

Alt-tab does seem to work OK though so it seems to be a taskbare issue. The taskbar icon goes red suggesting it is "busy" but isn't, as far as I know, doing anything that would cause it to be so. The fact it is multiple applications have the same problem suggest a system issue, not a specific app.

I also have this problem. Selecting a task from the task view icon works as does alt+tab, but that's a lot more hassle than a single click on the taskbar icon.


It only seems to happen when I am running VS 2022.

I can confirm having the same issue only with VS 2022 open. Hope this will be fixed, really disturbing and makes me think on switching back to win10/vs2019

@John_Goudy I always have VS 2022 open so I didn't make that connection but thank you for pointing that out.

@MSpake same here, only when vs2022 is open. 

I'm seeing the same thing. I believe this is only happening when I have the debugger open in VS2022 for an ASP.NET Core project, and it has an open Edge window. I haven't tried other debugging scenarios.

@JustinWignall Also can confirm I have VS2022 open and debugging, it goes away when debugging stops (Which isn't a solution obviosuly)

Just to be clear, I have the taskbar issue when using Windows normally in a typical consumer scenario using consumer apps. I do not use visual studio
They have closed the above ticket as "Somebody else's problem" despite all the evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately it won't let me request a review so will need to file new tickets (Which have previsouly been flagged as duplicates)
Same issue here. Please fix it soon! Is really annoying