Windows 11 Cannot Show Seconds on Taskbar Clock

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The taskbar clock only shows hours and minutes.  The regedit to add ShowSecondsInSystemClock had no effect.  It is 2021.  It is a clock.  How hard could this be unless it is a conscious decision to cripple the clock, noting it was reported many times on the pre-release and insider forums.

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Give us seconds in the Clock back! :)
+1 Need this to be fixed.
+1 who's idea was it to remove seconds FFS!

+1, I need the seconds back in the clock

Is there any other way to show seconds in Windows 11?
+1 Whyyy, mr Microsoft, why

Come on - how hard can it be...?

@PhilT007  There is a small utility to add a clock with seconds, but only on a second display:

Apparently it was a conscious decision when Microsoft removed it, but hey, apparently they "listen to users' feedback" so maybe they actually will this time. Also very fitting description, OP: "It is 2021. It is a clock."

Seriously, how hard is it to get a clock right, or worse, how did Microsoft to get a clock wrong?!
Please return the seconds clock back to us! We use it for monitoring and now have to resort to a 3rd party app!
I just installed it and it works perfectly. Thanks!
Solution: prop your iPHONE against the screen. Yes, I'm being sarcastic, but that's how I check when to start hosting my ZOOM sessions. How is it that the Windows 11 developers do not realise how dependant users are on being able to start interactive sessions with multiple clients precisely on time? And no, I don't want the clock app with various Focus sessions & timers & telling me where I am in the world. I. Just. Want. A. Standard. Clock. With. Seconds.

Me too! As a developer seconds are needed for so many tasks and I also must say why, Microsoft, did you remove the seconds from the clock? It was optional ever an no user can be against an optional seconds display. Please, please, PLEASE, bring it back.

it seems like every "seconds" is no longer important to @BillGates.

I badly need this feature :)
How can a software company that produces operating systems get a clock wrong? With all the new garbage features in Windows 11 that barely anyone will ever use or care about, somehow the clock is crippled. GMAFB.

@ejohanson Some ones a bit mad.

As for second clock use Eleven clock from GitHub its extremally light weight (3mbs of ram)

Dear Microsoft - why must you cripple something as basic as a clock? We NEED seconds on there! This is yet another disappointment with windows 11.

I believe Bill lost this feature of Windows in his divorce settlement.