Windows 11 cannot open games and can't install any new software.

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I have recently installed windows 11 and everything was working fine until i couldn't install or boot any games I've tried booting grand theft auto 5, league of legends and I've tried to install fire alpaca and even medibang when that didn't work. I've checked my disks I've done disk repairs. I've searched online but as windows 11 is new it seems like it's just me having the issue. I can run discord and my browser but a computer is an entertainment station and work station so it not doing anything but running very few software's it's completely useless. @ this is a video of me trying to open some things and them closing without any error message. I am a gamer on windows and have no consoles so this has completely destroyed my pc's fun appeal i now just have a gpu for no reason.

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Well thanks Microsoft for removing any and all customer support except for this. what if i was my grandad and had a brick phone and my laptop was having this problem then i couldn't call you support to report the bug or use my pc. Actually horendous.