Windows 11 : Cannot Monitor GPU-CUDA usage from Task Manager

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The task manager in windows 11 does not show the option to monitor CUDA usage for the GPU. The option was visible in windows 10.Screenshot (2).png

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I'm just interested if someone has come up with a solution to this??
Perhaps the next update will fix this!
In my case I was able to find an option for montoring CUDA in Windows 11, but it's gone at some point after a Windows Update / NVIDIA RTX driver update, not sure.

I have faced the same issue too, however I think that even the 'CUDA' option is not specifically shown in the W11 task manager, it still monitors it. I have recently developed a project in which I needed to train some Deep neural networks using my graphics card, all in windows 10 of course. When monitoring the resource consumption, the 3D option didn't show any resource consumption, while the CUDA option was near the 100%. WHen updating to W11, the CUDA option has disappeared, nevertheless, the 3D option now shows a nearly 100% usage  (the same consumption as in the CUDA tab in W10). Therefore, I think that even though CUDA is not shown, it is now monitored under the '3D' tab, at least in my case. @Tanay_5 

Yup. same issue. also looking for answers