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Hello, sometimes I want to put the desktop icons in the position I like, so I will turn off the automatic arrangement of icons, but after restarting the computer, the desktop icons will be placed haphazardly and must be re-arranged, this problem bothers me, please solve it as soon as possible. I hope the official will thislike this

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This may help you keep the Kitten icon in the right place o:


1.) File Explorer -> ALT+V (View) -> Options ->

1A.) Select: "Show hidden files, folders, and drives"

1B.) Uncheck: "Hide extensions for known file types"

1C.) Uncheck: "Hide protected operating system files"

1D.) Click OK


2.) Delete "Desktop.ini" on the Desktop: %UserProfile%\Desktop\Desktop.ini


3.) Right Click on Desktop -> View -> Select: Medium Icons

4.) Right Click on Desktop -> View -> Uncheck: Auto arrange icons

5.) Right Click on Desktop -> View -> Uncheck: Align icons to grid


The problem is still not solved
If you can not solve it does not matter anyway is not a big problem
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If it is super tricky to get the important Kitten to stay in the correct place, try this o:


NOTE: Make sure that UWF is not blocking any of the following commands:


1.) File Explorer -> ALT+V (View) -> Options ->

1A.) Click "Reset Folders"

1B.) Click OK


NOTE: The following command will also clear pinned entries from the Quick Access


2.) Start the Command Prompt -> Start Menu -> Run -> taskmgr -> File -> Run new Task -> %SystemRoot%\System32\CMD.EXE -> Select "Create this task with administrative privileges." -> Click OK.

DEL /F /S /Q "%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\*.*"

NOTE: You may have to restart your computer to see the rest of the changes (If the Unified Write Filter is not enabled, and you are also not logged onto a temporary user account, etc.)


Thank you the problem has been solved