Windows 11 bug

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This doesn't always happen but when it does, it is very annoying and disrupts both work and play. I still don't know how to fix it other than restarting the PC and that doesn't always fix it.


The bug: windows of any program that is currently open (windows explorer, chrome, etc.) is always on top including previews and drop down lists. Even the start menu.


If it's not clear, right now I have Chrome open as I'm typing this. If I click on the Windows icon to open the Start Menu, the Start Menu will not show up because it is behind the Chrome Window. This also happens to the bookmark folders that I have on Chrome. I will click on it but it won't show. Same thing if I right-click anywhere on the folder. The menus won't show but if I click on where the menu should be showing, whatever option is supposed to be on that spot will be chosen. 


It is quite frustrating. Does anyone know the actual fix for this? I believe that I have updated everything.

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Experiencing the exact same issue.


Right-click context menus will appear behind applications.  If i right-click Chrome, the menu appears behind it.  In Outlook, the same issue.  (see attached screenshot)


File Explorer behaves normally. 


Windows 11 - Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.100)

I have seen the same issue in the current dev build. Restarting the explorer process fixes, but only for a short while sometimes.
Me too, i fixed by press Shift+Tab, but only fix for short time.

Same issue, it's very annoying. Can't find permanent fix. :(

I followed this but there was one time that it didn't work at all. Right after restarting explorer on the task manager, it didn't do anything. I hope that this can get fixed soon.
Same for me but with Right-click and menu issues.

Same as well but now control center is bugging out and chrome either doesn't work or is very very slow and I've got a nice laptop as well very annoying