Windows 11 Bug report

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When scrolling down to the very bottom of the navigation pane in file explorer using my mouse's scroll wheel, the scrolling action gets stuck. I can resume scrolling upwards only by using the scrollbar to the right of the navigation pane. If I then mouse-scroll again to the bottom, the situation repeats. 

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I also encountered the issue on SQL management studio and other programs.


I also am experiencing scrolling lock up issues. When I use my mouse, touchpad or keyboard arrows, my scroll feature stops scrolling for approx 2-3 seconds at a time while I am actively engaging the input device. It happens numerous times during each session regardless if I am scrolling a webpage, a saved document , etc. and I had contacted microsoft chat. They stated it may be a "graphics driver" issue and recommended I check for updates to my system. There were updates and I downloaded and installed them to no avail. It is still happening as first reported. As I told the chat representative, this NEVER happened before the Windows 11 update.