Windows 11 Bug : In the taskbar

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I run Windows 11 (Build 22000.120), and I found a bug in the taskbar. You must be familiar with the tray that contains Wi Fi, Volume and Battery Indicator at the right of the taskbar [see the attachment].

Screenshot (4) (1).jpg

 When you hover the Wi Fi/Volume/Battery, you see a tooltip stating the name of the connected Wi Fi, or the volume output or battery status respectively but in my case, the tooltip regarding the three options are shown when I hover over the icons as well as it appears when I hover the taskbar's empty space just to right of the taskbar icons [see the attachment].Screenshot (4).jpg This is a noticeable UI bug. Also this bug retains from Windows 11 Build 22000.100

This bug stops when I click in the empty space

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Hello, I also see that UI bug on the latest build of Windows 11, 10.0.22000.168
I have the exact same glitch. Furthermore:
- Left-clicking the place where the mouse hovers and produces text (picture 2 from OP) doesn't do anything. Right-click produces "Taskbar Settings" box.
- I can't left-click any of these icons. Right-click works fine, however.
- Using the shortcut Windows + A doesn't result in anything. The current active window becomes inactive and if you're patient enough an empty box appears and disappears shortly after. Left-clicking the date to produce the same box works fine, however.