Windows 11 bug: hovering over search icon - outline of suggestion box remains

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As shown in the screenshot below, it seems that sometimes when I hover over the search icon to open a recently searched-for app (as hovering over the icon shows suggested apps), the outline of the box remains on screen. I can't click on anything that the box covers, either. The box essentially becomes dead space on the screen that even locking the display can't always solve. Clicking on/hovering over the search icon again also does not solve the issue.


Screenshot 2021-12-06 232926.png

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Same problem here on Windows 11 Pro, 22000.348, Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.348.0

I have to end task explorer.exe and run new task explorer to make the suggestion box work again.

I get this bug too when it happens i just go into task manger and i find search and open its drop box and i end minisearchhost and it goes away dont end search only end minisearch host ending search will make the windows key not work forcing you to restart so only end minisearch host


YOU ROCK! rofl you save me so much hassle! @Everyone who has this problem. Go into Task Manager go to Details tab, find MiniSearchHost.exe and end task. Thank You @X_DeadModz_X !!!! I signed on just to like your solution!
HI Everyone,
It seems that according to the latest blog post from the Windows Insider team that this bug has been fixed, it should be rolling out to stable users soon.

Thank you :)