Windows 11 Bug - Flashes while reading .mts files

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Hi. I've been making some recordings with my Sony Handycam for about 2 years now, and I've always recorded in AVCHD which later gives rise to .mts files. Today when I went to see a video that I had already recorded and seen in windows 10 I noticed that the entire video had white flashes that never existed. Worried I checked if the problem would be the camera but it wasn't, I changed the recording format and the videos were normal. I put the videos with flashes in Vegas Pro and noticed that I didn't see any flashes, and after rendering them to .mp4 the flashes also disappeared. I haven't tested it on a computer with windows 10 yet but this coincided with upgrading mine to windows 11 and I believe it's a problem reading .mts files. I will test with windows 10 and then complete the report. I've added a screen recording of how I see the flashes and another of the video running smoothly in the vegas pro viewer

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