Windows 11 battery drain problem

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My laptop has a major problem it is my laptop battery drain while it was shuting is acer predator helios 300., 2020 i7 gaming laptop
This problem comes after updating to Windows 11. I shuting down the computer after 100% and after night. I powered on it has only 92% or 90%of battery life. How can I fix it.
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I too have an Acer Predator Helios 300 i7 with the exact same issue. I shutdown with 100% and power on within 24-48 hours and I'm at 59%. When I check battery stats it's as if my laptop remained on during the timeline. I'm unsure what is happening but this became an issue after upgrading to Window 11.

@teknicl I was informed this problem problem to my acer local dealer but they didn't know anything related this problem