Windows 11 Auto-hide taskbar not working on second monitor

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The taskbar stays hidden when I swipe down to reveal it on my second monitor, the feature works fine on my main monitor. Turned the setting on and off multiple times, checked for updates, restarted computer multiple times as well. Is this a known or common issue?

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I'm absolutely having this problem, and it's driving me slowly insane. Anyone have any clues on how this can be fixed?
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Urgh. Did some more looking and found the answer in another thread. Of course it would be this bizarre and strange:


Found a magical fix. If your secondary display contains apps that were pinned to taskbar before upgrading it has that annoying behaviour.

I simply unpinned and then pinned the app again and now hidden taskbar pops up correctly on a secondary display.
That fix doesn't work, for me.
I suppose I should be grateful the task bar autohides on the main monitor. For the time being, I've disabled the (apparently useless) setting that is supposed to enable autohiding on external monitors.
Ya this seems to be the only fix as of now, but it resets after a restart. Sounds like it is a known issue so hopefully an actual fix will come soon.

not a  fix but right click on the bottom of the screen and the and the taskbar will pop up with a "show the desktop" message. 

Thank You!
For me the recent app I pinned happened to be Google.
Unpinned it and it works perfectly.
When working with multiple screens and windows, the issue was slowing me down but more importantly getting very very annoying.