Windows 11 Audio Stuttering with External Audio Interface

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Since I have upgraded to Windows 11, I have been experiencing a persistent audio stutter whenever my PC is playing audio and trying to do anything else, like open or use any program that uses over 5% of my CPU. For example, if I open an application while I have any audio playing (Spotify or otherwise), it'll stutter for about half a second and continue. The catch: it only happens when I'm playing audio through my USB audio interface (Steinberg UR22 mk1 plugged into the mobo) and studio monitors. Whenever I have audio playing through my headphones (plugged into the front panel) or Oculus Quest 2, I don't hear a single stutter.


My gut instinct was to update the driver, but I already had the most recent one. I still went ahead and reinstalled the driver just to be sure, but it didn't change anything. I checked Steinberg's official Windows 11 compatibility list, and my interface is listed as compatible. My next two steps were to use cmd and enable the ultimate audio performance thing, and to disable the exclusive audio control preference in control panel, but neither worked. The nuclear option here would be to either roll back to Windows 10 or buy a new interface and hope for the best, but I'd really rather not deal with any of that.


I know Windows 11 has had (or still has?) some nasty issues with Ryzen, so I suspect that my CPU might be at least partly responsible for this weirdness. The audio dips usually correlate with CPU spikes. I work from home producing TV commercials for broadcast, so I need my monitors back up and running as they should as soon as possible.


Thanks for any and all help.


My specs:

CPU - Ryzen 5 5600G

GPU - Radeon Sapphire RX 5600 XT

RAM - 16 GB Patriot 3000 DDR4

MOBO - Aorus B550 Elite V2

Sandisk 2.5" SSD for Windows Installation + Programs

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