Windows 11 - Audio device (internal) is installed

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So I updated to Windows 11 (from 10) and immediately noticed my computer was no longer using it's internal speaks. I have a Dell G15 Ryzen Edition so the speakers are decent (much better than my external monitors for sure). I ignored the issue until I needed to use my laptop on its own. That's when I realized the was no sound and how bad the problem is. I WFH as a Consultant and I now have to use headphones/external speakers with my computer to have sound. I have tried all of the following to resolve the issue, but none are focused on the fact that my computer no longer believes it has speakers built into it.

I have tried updating the sound drivers, but that isn't the real problem. I have tried using the command prompt to detect corrupt files, none were found. 


I am at a loss, PLEASE tell me someone is working on this, my computer is only a month old.

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