Windows 11 after update (KB5006746) still fps drop in games

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cpu amd low usage 50% 30% fps drop in games L3 Cache not like windows 10 please update to improve performacne 

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I have the same issue while editing videos in Davinci resolve. Since I updated to windows 11 my laptop runs the editing software super slow.

AMD ryzen 5 3550H

GPU Nvidia GTX 1650



Same here, also have installed latest AMD Chipset drivers


Massive FPS drops ingame, from aroud 60 to 3-10 while doing this i can see CPU-Speed goes down to 0,38Ghz and in Powerplan should be 80%, should never reach 0,38Ghz.


Sometimes it's fine, but after reboot or suspend, games like Timberborn, Pathfinder or even crappy Avorion are not playable


CPU Ryzen 4700U

Powerplan set to Balanced like suggested. (Tried different, tried setting CPU to 100% minimum)

Tried to disable GameDVR in registry but no change.