Windows 10 Live Tiles

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I'm really finding that I'm not using any of the Launcher widgets on my home screen other than the time and weather. If I had a choice to go back to Windows 10 mobile I would, but with support almost gone there is no real point.

So I'm he to once again advocate for the fantastic UI that we all love and miss and say please bring the all mighty experience of Windows 10 Live Tiles to Android 

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No thank you. You know live tiles wouldn't work unless all the devs of the apps you use coded in stuff to show on the live tiles. Otherwise the only thing the flip side of a live tile could show is the latest notification...and maybe nothing at all. There are many users of MS Launcher that are not Windows Phone/Mobile fans. Shifting to tile format would alienate them. Also, adding the addition of a choice to have tiles or icons would make the launchers file size larger which would be bad for people with low memory and low end devices. In addition, they said at the beginning of this program, way back at the beginning, that this will not be like windows phone and they do not intend it ever to be just like windows phone.
That is all...
It's fine for you to have that opionion however this is an accessabillity thing, I was far more productive with the live tiles of windows phone and to add them in as an optional downloadable icon pack should not affect people such as yourself. The UI/UX of windows phone/mobile was second to none even to this day and the fact that Microsoft is taking that away from people with accesabillity needs that found it productive goes against it's core values. Right now on my Android I'm acheiving less and don't feel empowered.
Not opinions. Facts. There has been loads of people back when Google+ was up saying they don't want tiles. It is a fact that the file size will be bigger if they are added. It is a fact that the tiles won't be actually live and only be able to at the most show latest notification without app developers support. Also a fact that that they said in the beginning it will not be exactly like windows phone.
As much as I liked windows phone and was a huge fan (HTC HD7, Nokia Lumia 925, Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL for Windows, Lumia 950XL). I have to agree with Microsoft that it shouldn't be just like Windows phone, so it can appeal to a much larger crowd.
Also, I find, with this launcher by fully utilizing the feed page, I get even more done and am more organized than on windows phone.
How much you achieve and how empowered you feel is up to you... Not up to a launcher or your mobile device.

I'm not really sure why you feel the need to argue against me on this. Someone telling me that I have to use the android launchers now, instead of live tiles is like telling a kids with no hands, now that his adaptive xbox controller is old and broken he'll just have to use a normal xbox controller now because Microsoft don't make the adaptive ones anymore.
I've defended Microsoft on a lot of bad decisions lately however I realised that just makes me look ignorant. Not everyone is the same and fixing UI/UX in a way that is not customisable to suit the users needs is not empowering or inclusive at all. 

There's also millions of designers around the world that will tell you the award winning live tile design found in Windows Phone is innovative, great for information consumption and simply a better design for touch centric devices. It completely smashes the current Android and IOS style of rowed icons, and don't get me started on the inconsistent design language found in Android widgets. Android is disgusting, any of the design aesthetic and functionality we can leverage from Windows Phone would be a win.


Even if many apps pinned to a launcher start screen are not live, it's still infinitely more user friendly, more aesthetically appealing and goes some way of reinstating some of the exceptionally sophisticated UI design language found in Windows Phone. Microsoft could create live tile feeds that function in launcher and this would at least give us access to the most essential app information. Regardless of how you feel about the tiles interface it was the future whether the world was ready to accept it then or not.


I am tied of using Square Home with hundreds of hours spent tweaking my phone and searching out apps with compatible transparent widgets I can use to replicate a functional tiled interface.

It will be the same if MS adds tiles to MS Launcher. You'll still have to search out apps with compatible widgets etc. Because what an app did on a live tile in Windows Phone/Mobile was written into the code of he app. Other than show latest notification on the flip side.
I wish we could have it back too. But I just don't think it will happen. So I'm not holding my breathe.

I'm going to keep this thread alive, mainly because Apple have now released a Live Tile experience in iOS 14.

There is no excuse for Microsoft to not reconsider making Launcher look more like the Win 10 Live tile experience

I'm now torn between buying a Surface Duo and an iPhone :thinking_face: