Win11 Thunderbolt challenges

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Just switched HP laptops and at same time, Win10 -> Win11. I have an HP ZBook Firefly 15" G8, along with a Plugable TBT3-UDZ thunderbolt dock. Attached to the Plugable dock is a DisplayPort external monitor, ethernet, and a USB 2.1 switcher. Attached to that is a wired keyboard, a wireless mouse (Logitech) dongle, and normally a Logitech Brio webcam.


Problem Statement: At boot up, the Thunderbolt dock is not authorized. Only way to unlock computer is to move webcam directly to USB-C port on laptop, and use internal keyboard/mouse. Alternative is to disable thunderbolt in HP bios so external port is USB-C only, unplug/replug Pluggable TBT3-UDZ so it sees it as USB-C instead of Thunderbolt. Then I can use dock at boot up.


In Windows 11 Thunderbolt Control Center when HP in thunderbolt mode, the TBT3-UDZ device shows up. But the new control center does not provide anyway to authorize the device so it becomes a known and trusted device. Going to the Authorize Devices menu just says devices will automatically be connected, which is kinda the problem because they only automatically connect AFTER I authenticate, which I can't use the devices attached to the TBT3-UDZ to do that.


In Windows 10 I could authorize this particular Thunderbolt dock as trusted. Any new device should be blocked unless I had unlocked my machine to prevent unauthorized access, but if it is my dock, I should be able to use it to unlock my machine.


Anyone else have this issue? Is this a known issue with an upcoming resolution? I have looked for registry settings as workaround and tried I've made the registry setting and in Windows 11 gone to Windows Security, Device Security, Core isolation, and verified Memory integrity is set to "off". Not optimal but trying to see if this will fix it. It didn't.

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