Win, Ctrl, and Shift keys are stuck as pressed and messes up my input

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I got a new Windows 11 laptop 2 days ago and I've encountered a couple of problems. Using the on-screen keyboard, I was able to figure out that my system thought I was holding down the Windows key, the Ctrl key, and the Shift key all at once. This lead to me not being able to properly navigate or access anything and I had to perform several restarts. Somehow, the machine was also giving me a ton of system interrupts (up to 12 at a time) that kept asking "would you like to allow [insert program here] to make changes to your system?" and the standard yes-no response. The No option was glitching out and flashing blue.

And no, Sticky Keys are not enabled.
This is getting increasingly annoying. Does anyone have a fix for this or how soon can this be resolved?

Edit: For anyone else experiencing this kind of problem, a stopgap solution I've found is to Lock (Win+L) the computer and sign back in again.

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