Widgets not working

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I can't get widgets working on the 6.0 launcher.

Some work eg Bing but most don't. The widget says "Sorry, there was a problem loading this widget"

I have tried deleting and replacing the widget but its always the same.


I am on a Pixel 2XL with Android 10

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@Ian Dixon I'm with you on this and it has been going on for over 3 weeks now. I have been using Nine Email and they have been trying to help me through log analysis but noting we have done helps. I wish MS would respond to this issue and issue an update. There seems to be plenty of widget update related issues in their in-app feedback form....which doesn't work for me either so I cannot chime in there.


My issue is like yours. I can reboot or hit the widget settings and *sometimes* it will update once but then stops, not revealing any new email or appointments. The widgets typically only load 4 messages, with each possible message below that just stating 'loading'. I performed all of the steps the OP tried, and much more, including power management for all related apps, removing Sophos Intercept X and clearing of data in all related apps. Even uninstalled Nine and reinstalled to no avail. I think other widgets are having a problem updating too, but that is hard to perceive as email is really the only thing I have that supposed to update frequently.

Thanks @Ian Dixon for your feedback. This is a known issue in our preview 6.0, we already have a bug track now. 

it's still not working... @nali1
Hi, are the widgets on the feed page?

@Ann_Yao_680 Yes, on the glance screen. Seems to be updating more frequently now so a recent update may have fixed the issue. Now that I am back to work, I will have enough email activity to see if this is consistent. 

Ok, glad to know it back to normal. Your further feedback is welcomed.

@Ann_Yao_680 some of the widgets in glance view just don't seem to work at all, like the google news or the calendar.

Hi, have the issue fixed in the latest version?

@Ann_Yao_680 Seems so. Been working well now for about 2 weeks.

Hi @Ann_Yao_680.
I am having the same problems with widgets not updating or doing so when I create them and never more. Especially with Nine email app.
Last update did not solve the problem for me. I am running Microsoft Launcher on a Xiaomi Redmi note 8pro. Have read of many people having similar problems with Xiaomi phones.
Are you still working on this?
Hi, could you please try launching the app first and then see whether the app's widget will update?

Ok @Ann_Yao_680 I tried several things and these are the findings:

Nine widget buttons shortcut to different accounts on nine do not work nor have updated count on new emails, but:

- if I enter nine throug standard app icon, and press back button on android, badges get updated

- furthermore widget buttons start working and access the correct account.

- but if in nine app and I press home button (guiding android to microsoft launcher) then widget buttons do nothing after pressing them

Ok, it seems an OS system issue. For Red Mi device, after the app is killed, it's widget can't update. You have to relaunch the app.

Hi @Ann_Yao_680 

how can I "not kill" the app when pressing the home button? It shouldn't be killed unless you specifically kill the app, right?