When making my Laptop sleep, the PowerPoint project I am working on automatically vanishes

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I have faced this issue more than 3 times since yesterday. I started working on a PowerPoint presentation and had to move out for a bit so I dropped my laptop screen allowing it to sleep. On returning, I found that there was no power point window and neither was I able to recover it.


Please explain whether this can happen or was I hacked.

Also is it possible to hack a computer (without gaining physical access) by knowing computer password, wifi password and the computer details as may be seen from the properties and below the laptop (like the model no., MAC id etc.).


the next time this happened was when I moved for a brief period of 15 mins or less with the laptop monitor erect but dark due to no action by the user. When I returned and logged in again using my password I again could not find any PowerPoint presentation.

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