W11 bug with multi monitor setups

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I've ran into the strangest bug i've ever seen, and i will try to explain it as simple as possible.
When use two monitors, one video output is slightly lower on one screen.
The nice new taskbar is so low on the screen that it cuts off at the bottom of the icons and the date.
The top of the screen is black, missing as many pixels  as is pushed out of the bottom.

It's like the image has been pushed a certain amount of pixels down.

Now here comes the even stranger part:
If i play around with refresh-rate on both screens in windows then i can sort off make it work like it should, but the second screen is affected but ONLY on the bottom.

Just look at the attached photos as i really can't explain it.

It's a samsung ch49g9 32:9 monitor using PBP mode where one input is 11:9 and the other is 21:9, this behaviour exists ONLY in w11.
I tried w10 again just to be certain.
Also used safemode to remove drivers and reinstall them.
It's not a hardware issue, display works fine with other computers using linux, w10, raspbian ect.

Windows 11 Home 21H2 22000.194
Nvidia 472.12 driver

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