Volume icon issue in Windows 11

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Sometimes the volume icon in the icons tray on the right side of the taskbar says mute even when it is not. Upon pressing the unmute key once, the icon still remains the same. After pressing it for the second time, it starts working properly. 

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I've run into this same issue and reported it using the Feedback hub in Windows 11. I'd recommend reporting it there if you have not done so already. The more people report it, the more likely they will take a look at it.

Does this issue effect the sound. Im having the same problem with the icon- I called Dell support as i thought it was a computer issue.. I guess its a windows 11 issue.- Got a new laptop and i just feel the volume/ or speakers suck !!! @UdbhavD 

i have run into the same issue, did anyone of you find a solution to it


I confirm this issue too.
Same here. The volume level is working as expected - just the mute icon is showing.


Same problem at my PC, after resuming work the volume icon shows as it is on mute but the slider is not (for example is at about 30%) then when I increase/decrease volume the icon goes back to normal and it displays correctly.


Still same issue here. Incredible stuff

I had the same problem.  I reinstalled the latest sound driver which seems to have fixed it for the time being at least

@UdbhavD Uninstalling the realtek device and deleting the drivers and then installing the ASROCK Windows 11 drivers for my motherboard worked. 

The problem has re-occurred a day later. Sorry

@wesf56 yeah this problem has become annoying as hell, mine is a new windows 11 laptop and contacted the hp customer service los, the customer care executive came and just reinstalled the drivers. But the problem still persists


This issue was supposed to have been fixed, but it hasn't been.
It was reported numerous times in the Feedback Hub.


I guess it's been put in the "Too Hard" basket like numerous other Windows 11 bugs.

so I am also facing this same issue 

the development team I urge you to please  check this volume icon bug

I love windows 11 but these types of bugs make me disappoint