Visual User Interface for Tasks, Email – Creating a Visual Communication Map in MS 365

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The issue: I’m flooded with tasks, Emails, Teams messages, and so on. Non-tech-savvy colleagues are overwhelmed, especially if MS Graph is deactivated as per company policy.


Solution: A visual interface that shows tasks, conversations, and ongoing activities in Teams and Planner in a map-like or decision tree-like format. It could also provide a 3D view for VR and AR devices. The visual representation allows me to track communication, decisions, and the lifecycle of tasks. Several views could be based on filters (e.g. data source, date/time, Org. Units, etc.).


Benefit: Using a visual approach (instead of lists or dashboards) intuition comes back to the workplace. The virtual map established gives me a better overview to handle the information flood.


In case of this idea flys, I want a Holo Lens II for free :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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