very slow READ speed in windows 11 with NVME SSD.

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I've been struggling with a very sluggish windows 11 ever since I installed it. even though I have the latest (...348) build, NVME drive that I have in my rig is SUPER, I mean, SUPER slow. just look at these numbers:


windows 11 very slow SSD.jpg



for example, how my ADATA diskmark score is ~500, when the average score of the same drive across passmark users is around 16000?

P.S: I have installed a fresh windows 11 with all the latest BIOS, drivers, windows insider update, the whole 9 yards.... and exact same issue. and it is not just a slow benchmark. my computer is so slow sometimes even youtoube shows hiccups! other specs: 32 GB ram, ryzen 5 2600, radeon 6700 xt, B450 motherboard chipset, and no mechanical hard drive, only 2 NVME PCIE SSD.



I am running out of options here. Any thoughts? thanks!

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