USB-C ports not delivering (enough) power after Cumulative Update for Windows 11 (KB5007215)

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My USB-C hub plugged into a Lenovo Legion Slim 7 stopped working after the update. The port wouldn't even charge my phone or recognize any other USB-C devices.


Reinstalled drivers and changed power settings but nothing happened. After updating the bios, it started working again but after unplugging during sleep mode, it stopped.


The port itself was reading data as I had to put power in to the hub to get my devices to pop up. I saw a lot of similar issues with asus and lenovo laptops on the internet that range from a month ago to as soon as 9 days back.


Quick fix (for Lenovo laptops) courtesy to a Reddit post-

1. Unplug the laptop charger

2. Shut down the laptop.

3. Hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds

4. Wait for the laptop to boot

5. Plug the charger back in

6. Plug the USB-C device back in and it should work (temporarily)

7. DON'T unplug the device while in sleep mode

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