Updating ME driver cause freezing on Windows 11.

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So what i've found over the last week and a bit, that updating my drivers for my motherboard (Asrock z390 taichi) I started to have crashing/hardfreezing on my pc at what seemingly was random... Now i have managed to fix the problem and also realised what the issue what... While installing windows (AGAIN) because of my faulty drivers.. I was reading over the tpm 2.0 option in my UEFI and it seems to rely on the ME driver.. Upon reading that i realized that i've been UPDATING my ME driver... and i can't help but think that is the direct result of this issue... Idk if this will help anyone else but not updating the ME driver and keeping it default has actually resulted in my PC not hard freezing when it feels like...
I'm not sure if my pc is going to behave like this upon updating other drivers... And i was using the Asrock APP shop to do so, so it was implied they need to be updated so i can only hope eventually this driver becomes stable/updated or maybe some looking into is can happen... idk im just hoping this will help someone or maybe help improve the OS.

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