Unable to enable Secure Boot

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Just upgraded to Windows 11 today. Once upgraded, one of my applications require both TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot to be enabled for it to run.

TPM 2.0 was already enabled for the Windows 11 installation, so I tried to enable Secure Boot.


I restarted my computer, entered the BIOS and changed the 'Windows 10 WHQL Support' from CSM to UEFI as well as disabled both options of 'Fast Boot' on my motherboard. Saved my new settings, and attempted to reboot.


After hitting reboot, I am now unable to enter the BIOS, and only able to enter Windows 11 using the hard rest button on my computer. Any attempt to restart the computer (including trying to enter 'Advanced Startup', will conclude with the computer showing a blank screen. I can still hear the fans running, but nothing on the display.


Hard drive is in GPT partition format if that helps.

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