Touch screen not working on Surface Book 2 in Windows 11

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Hi everyone,

I got several bugs since I moved to Windows 11 and start to regret it.


After start menu freezing from time to time, Explorer crashing from time to time, now I'm losing touch screen when plugged to an external monitor. Both screens are working while the external screen is not properly recognized, but it doesn't matter. The fact is the touch screen of my Surface Book 2 doesn't work! Got to close and unplug everything, restart Surface and voila! Now it's back working. 

- Got the latest updates from Microsoft

- No updated drivers


Is there something I'm missing here?

Thank you


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@danvin  I have the same problem! 

I am having the same problem, just updated to Windows 11 a few days ago, and today my touchscreen is not working at all  @danvin 

also, seems back to normal after reboot, only update pulled was a security update..