Time widget - date switching to next day prematurely

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I'm running Launcher version 6.210402.0.960830


Does anyone else have this issue where the time widget is displaying the wrong date when setting the location for the widget manually?

If I use the GPS and current location, it will correctly say Tue, Jun 1.  However, if I manually specify a location (even the same city) it improperly displays Wed, Jun 2. 


I don't know exactly when it switches over as I only just noticed this for the first time yesterday.  This morning it properly said Jun 1, and at some point this afternoon it switched over to Jun 2.  I'm in the US, where it's currently evening, and I'm almost wondering if maybe the manual location setting is somehow defaulting to GMT, which would explain the switchover in date sometime during the afternoon.

Edit: 6/2/2021 - Please see attached image taken this morning in the US with the time widget manually set to some example city locations across multiple time zones.  Note that it is already Thursday June 3rd in Wellington, New Zealand, but the Launcher widget still reads June 2.  So there definitely appears to be a bug where the date is tied to some time zone (probably in Europe).

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Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide us your launcher version, android version and device model? It’ll be very helpful for us to investigate and resolve it.

I'm running Launcher version 6.210402.0.960830 on Android 11, on a Samsung A52.

Also, please see screenshot attachment and update I made this morning in my original post. It should already be Thursday 6/3 in Wellington, New Zealand, but the date's still reading 6/2. So based on that, as well as the widget behavior I've been noticing over the last couple days, there definitely appears to a bug where the manually set locations have the calendar/date all tied to a certain time zone that doesn't coincide with the location chosen in the widget.


It's definitely tied to GMT.  Here's some screenshots I took at 23:54 and 00:00 GMT.  The date on all locations switched from June 2 to June 3.

Yes, I am experiencing the same problem. I also set the location manually. I am in the US Central time zone.

The day on the Microsoft launcher widget changes about 4 or 5 hours too early. It is Thursday evening, and shortly after 8pm, the day was presenting as Friday. The Google time and date app still shows as Thursday, as a reference.

How do we fix this?