Time and weather widget - display alarms setting is grayed out

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I would like to display alarms (if they are active) with Microsoft Launcher's Time or Time & Weather widget. It was possible earlier but now this option in widget's settings is greyed out (See attached screenshot. Riasztás megjelenítése means Display alarms in Hungarian). I played a lot with Android's settings but now i ran out of ideas.

My phone runs Android 8.0.0. and Microsoft Launcher


Any help is appreciated!




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Hi,as for now, only when you set your location as current location, you could enable show alarm. @Libero 


Thanks for your reply!

I've tried but it didn't work :(

I opened Time widget's settings menu, set location. After this, display alarms setting is greyed out.

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This problem has been solved with the latest application update (version 6.2.2).

Alarms are displaying correctly on the Time and weather widget. :smile: