The recently viewed apps widget shows app icon larger

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If you have recently viewed app in the side screen in "glance" in microsoft launcher the app icon. Sizes are more than the icon sizes on home screen. Cab we use icon sizes across the device?

Also, I see only 8 icons at a time.. it will be nice if we can configure the number to 10 or 12.
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Thanks for your feedback. Do you mean after updating, your icon size became bigger automatically? Could you please provide some screenshots for a better understanding?



No, I don't think it is an issue after update. It was always like that (upto my knowledge).


Sure.. Attaching the screenshots so that it is visible. One screenshot is from home page and another from side bar. The sidebar icons definetly looks bigger, maybe because only 4 of them are allowed and in home screen I've 5 icons.. It could be just perception or trick of eyes :)