The Launcher is slow/freezes, making it hard to use over a better one that doesn't cause issues

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The Launcher is much slower than "Action Launcher", which actually allows us to customize even more than MS Launcher, & it has a timeline to the left (Google Now) which is similar to the Timeline/Glance Feed. So both have timelines & customization, thus, I can't imagine what could be causing MS Launcher to be so slow & freeze when doing little things like editing icons, when Action Launcher does all MS L does but even more--and it's not slow & doesn't freeze or crash. Yes, I get MS has more things to sync, such as Cortana, Sticky Notes, Tasks/To-Do, Docs, News Preferences, etc. My point is, even with all those syncing between PC & Phone features, MS should be able to find a way to make it run smoothly/quickly. Google syncs plenty of things (Faves, Passwords, Drive Docs etc) seamlessly & doesn't freeze. Please let me know why you are having so much trouble. Generic launchers are faster/smoother than Tech Giant MS. Don't understand why MS is lagging behind on making efficient apps. 

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