Taskbar on second monitor not working properly

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Hello! I just updated to Windows 11 and the taskbar on my second monitor is not working properly. Before you ask, yes, I have all the right options in the taskbar settings ticked. It may also be relevant to say that my taskbar is on auto-hide. Regardless, the second monitor's taskbar sporadically decides whether or not it wants to appear. Sometimes, I'd hover on the bottom of my screen and it would pop up, but most often it refuses to show. No problem exists on the main display.

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This has been reported on several other forums, and appears to be associated with the auto-hide option since turning that off "fixes" it. No good solution has been presented yet, but there is a quick workaround of sorts - go to the bottom of the 2nd desktop and right click, which will bring up the taskbar along with a "show the desktop" bubble.
Thank you very much, it worked well! I did think about turning off auto-hide but it's a little bit inconvenient since my screens are relatively small, so I'm relieved that there's a workaround to this. Really hoping that they fix this issue in future updates :grinning_face_with_sweat: Thanks again!