Taskbar not showing on secondary display

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On Preview build 22000.100,  When turning on (Auto hide taskbar) on multiple displays, Taskbar often doesn't pop up on secondary display when mouse is hovering over it.  Taskbar shows up fine on main display only.

Settings are:

1- Automatically hide the taskbar (ON)

2- show taskbar on all displays (ON) 

3- show my taskbar apps on (All taskbars)

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Microsoft Launcher is a product for Android phones. Your issue has to do with Microsoft Windows. I don't think you'll get an answer to a Microsoft Windows issue in the Microsoft Launcher forum.
I have the same issue, I found a temporary workaround for this though, right click at the bottom of the screen on the second display. This will show your taskbar and a "show the desktop option", you can click on the taskbar after that to use it.
Thank you.
When you search Google for bug reporting in windows it leads you here. Now I used windows feedback hub to send report

Thanks for the workaround, it works fine until Microsoft kills the bug