Taskbar freezing issue, CTL+ALT+DELETE releases it - Windows 11

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I've built a new machine for Windows 11, as I've done for every new Windows release.  This one has a bug I cannot figure out how resolve. 

The taskbar freezes randomly several times per day. I am unable to click on any open applications or change or click on any other applications open in the main window.  The only solution to reactivate is to CTL+ALT+DELETE and select Task Manager. Once task manager opens, something allows the taskbar and applications to start to function as normal.  

There are no event log critical error or warning messages at the time of, directly before or after the event. 

I've made dozens of setting changes to attempt to fix it with same result, including a full reformat of the HD's and a fresh Win 11 install. I've even changed Bios settings on RAM to be sure its not a timing/RAM related issue.  


I discussed with Windows phone Support, but they are just Level 1 tech support and all of their recommendations have all been tried with no fix or resolution.   

At this point I would have to say this is a Bug in TaskBar application system. 


Any input or assistance with this would be highly appreciated. 


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There are several ways to fix a non-responsive taskbar.

  • Restart Windows Explorer
  • Check for bad explorer addons 
  • or Re-register the Taskbar.

Most Windows users will find these methods helpful. For more fixes on Freezing Taskbars, you can always read here.

@Tito_titan   thank you, but I've tried all of those options, some twice....