Some "Create>New "Context Menu Items"" Can't Be Removed

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.bmp and .txt new context menu items cannot be removed from windows11. normally you can remove newcontextmenu items by removing shellnew reg entry from root. Also you can't add .ps1 anymore....


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Remove BMP From Right Click New Context Menu

; Remove TXT From Right Click New Context Menu


any solution or workarounds? Why windows11 context menu is non editable and so broken? btw what have you done with microsoft store? why i can't hide or unpurchase my downloads? like every other store in the world? applestore amazonstore googleplaystore steam epic origin if u ask customer service.... why microsoft is becoming so "apple" like about changes? where is my freedom? also why i don't have unlink option for my digital license? i should be able to unlink my hwid information from your servers. its my right to remove my info from you. and its my right to not to be followed about what i download from store if i don't want. we pay you and we should have options.

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