Sleep Mode fails all the time in a Dell XPS Laptop since Windows 11

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I have a DELL XPS 15 7590, and I upgrade OS software to Microsoft Windows 11 Pro, since then the sleep mode function of the laptop never worked again.

I raised this issue through DELL support and my computer's hardware has been replaced in almost 80%, however despite the changes issues with sleep mode still happening.

I have followed all the recomendations in the following link without no luck:


it does not matter what method you use to invoke sleep mode, either closing the laptop lid or using the microsoft sleep mode option, the laptop keep heating up and fans kick in until the battery is depleted, or if is connected to power you can hear the anoying sound of fans switching on/off.


some helps will be much appreciated,





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I had the same issue and finally fixed it this weekend on my Dell XPS 9570. The fix for me was doing a clean install of Windows 11 and enabling S3 sleep state. Its only been 2 days but the system idles at 1% now even with a bunch of apps and windows open, and it is actually sleeping and not rebooting when trying to use sleep or hibernate.  

1. Backup Data. You need to do a clean install of windows so make sure you have all your data backed up and know how to reinstall any apps you will need to reinstall.

2. Create Windows 11 USB, Boot from USB, delete all partitions from the disk, install Windows 11.

3. Disable modern sleep, enable S3. Open registry editor and add the dword 32 value :


4. Install all Dell drivers, update BIOS from Dell Support Site (it will scan your XPS and tell you what you need).  Reboot computer between Windows updates and Dell updates.   Let the system settle down for a few minutes.


I also reset bios to default (not sure if this helped) and using AHCI and not RAID hard drive mode. 

This really fixed my XPS after doing a in place upgrade to 11 caused a ton of issues. To be fair the last time I did a clean install on this XPS was 3-4 years ago so it needed to be done.  Its only been 2 days so we will see how it does over the next couple of weeks.   So far I'm impressed with how much better everything is running. Fans hardly kick on, runs really cool on battery, and very fast.   Sleep has been working flawlessly for the first time, close the lid fans turn off,  after 2 hours it hibernates as expected.  When waking all my apps are still open and no black screens and other weirdness.   Anyone ready to go out and buy a new computer should first try this.