Shadow above taskbar

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Running Windows 11 Pro 22000.348, and lately I've been noticing what I can only describe as a phantom window or shadow above my task bar.  It's transparent, but it prevents me from accessing any controls behind the phantom window.


It exists on the desktop, and it seems to affect only the browser and some desktop applications.  Games that go full screen are not impacted by it, but any other application it's visible and could get in the way of controls that may exist within the shadow area.


Any ideas what might be causing it?  It does not exist when the machine first boots up, but I haven't been able to determine when it does show up.

Phantom Window above taskbar.png


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Same here. Fresh install and it pops up after a restart straight away.
Same here... Also, on a friends pc with Windows 11. About the size of a business card. Cannot use mouse in that area. Have to use up and down arrows, or move.

Can confirm, it's sitting there now "looking" at me as I add my name to this question/complaint list.   I'm definitely curious to find out what it is. @WreckitRalph 


Same here