setting up live wallpaper - no thumbnails issue

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since I tried microsoft launcher long time ago, there's the problem when wanna set up a live wallpaper.
instead of thumbnails of the different live wallpapers, there're only black and white squares (see attached video).
also after trying some things to solve the problem, there was no change.
unfortunately, my email to the apps' developer email address of the Google play store, wasn't answered.

so, please, if there're any thoughts on this problem, please leave a comment.

thx very much in advance.

kind regards as well as a fine day
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Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide us your launcher version, android version and device model? It’ll be very helpful for us to investigate and resolve it.
Hi, thanks for your feedback. We'll look into it and get back to you once we make some progress.
Hi, could you please tell us what live wallpaper app you are using?
Hi, are you still facing the issue?