Screen rotation support

Please, implement screen rotation support for the Launcher. Due to a display issue I'm forced to use my phone either in landscape or flipped portrait mode, but the launcher doesn't rotate according to my screen orientation. Thanks
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yes currently we only support landscape mode on tablet only, but landscape mode on phone is in our radar. @ezpark527
Yes, please add landscape homescreen support to phones. I also increasingly use my phone with a keyboard in a tablet like mode so this would be a very helpful feature. Thanks.
Please fix your radar :upside_down_face:

@Gorden_Lin Please add landscape mode


Seems to me I remember being able to rotate screen before. What happen? It was one of the features I liked about MS Launcher.....

With the advent of xCloud and the phone clip, that landscape mode would be very welcome.
How do you determine tablet? I am using a galaxy fold and when in tablet mode I would love to have this work in landscape mode since I use the Microsoft bluetooth keyboard and mouse



I would also really second the desire for landscape mode. Somewhat ironically I found myself wanting this the strongest recently because of my enjoyment of multiple other Microsoft products with the Launcher's lack of landscape mode being the fatal flaw.

xCloud isn't in my region yet, but all the talk of it got me thinking that playing Minecraft on my phone with a controller would be a great way to spend a long plane ride, so I bought a controller clip from the Microsoft Store to use with my Xbox controller, to play Microsoft's Minecraft, but the whole experience just didn't feel seemless because having your screen rotate  the wrong way every time you go to the Home or Recent Apps screen is rather jarring.

this always on top of our plate and been actively pushing on.