Screen freeze when switching from dual screen to laptop screen


I have a dual screen setup with an external monitor with 'Extend' project. Whenever I've to quickly switch to only my laptop screen, I remove the HDMI cable so that I can move the laptop around. Within around 5 minutes, the screen will freeze, no mouse pointer, totally unresponsive BUT all the background processes seems to be running. (I can hear any ongoing call/music)

For example, I'm always on Teams meetings when I remove the HDMI cable so that it'll switch to my laptop screen. I will be able to hear everything that's happening in the call (Hence it's very difficult to figure the exact time at which this issue happens). Whenever I try to unmute myself to speak is when I realize that the whole screen is frozen. I can't do anything other than do a hard restart.


I'm using Beta channel of Insider. I've noticed this in multiple builds, I was able to see the issue today on this build: Build 22000.282 co_release

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