Reporting Windows 11 Monitor Bug - ASUS MG279Q

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I'm hooked up to an Asus MG279Q and a Dell S2719DGF monitor. After booting in Windows 11, my Asus monitor is on and lit but completely black. It also will refuses to shut off manually which I can usually do by holding down the power button. However, when I remove the power cable to the monitor and reinsert it, the monitor works just fine.


This happens every time I boot up. It never happened on Windows 10 and I have tried replicating it on my Windows 10 PC. It seems that there is some bug or code signal going from the Windows 11 Plug and Play driver which is being transmitted through the Display Port and giving the monitor these issues.


I have also tried updating the drivers in the Device Manager to Windows 8.1 drivers from the manufacturer (they haven't updated since). The device manager refuses to add/override the Plug and Play drivers, citing lack of a signature for the drivers. I have also tried doing the update in Safe mode with the same result.


Sharing for hopes that Win 11 updates might accomplish a fix better than me having the physically unplug-replug the power cable to the monitor, and to help the dev team monitor if there are any other monitor glitches encountered from the new operating system. If there's a way to fix this issue I'm open to suggestions.


Thank you for your time.

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