Remote Desktop Windows 11 Connection to Windows 10

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Windows 11 Remote Desktop Connection randomly disconnects when connected to another Computer with Windows 10. 

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Hi, I have the same issue.

My Windows 11 was freshly installed not upgraded.

Hello, I also experience this problem, my Windows 11 is upgraded from 10.
It just randomly disconnects and reconnects from first retry.

This used to work perfectly when I was on Windows 10

Same issue here, exactly as @dev0nizer describes. I'm not the only one having the issue in my organization, everyone who has migrated to W11 experiences it.

I get this all the time since upgrading from 10 to 11. I RDP from my home desktop to my works Surface. It was fine under Windows 10 (Although I had to disable UDP over RDP on the surface)
Under Windows 11, the RDP session will randomly disconnect. The Windows 11 PC can no longer ping the remote desktop but other devices on the network can and the router can ping it with no issues at all. I have to either wait for it to reconnect or disconnect and reconnect to Wi-fi