Rare Incorrect Overlay on Screen - Restart Necessary to Fix

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For several months Microsoft Launcher on rare occasions enters a state where the is an overlay going on and I cannot exit it without restarting the Launcher. I can pull up the drawer to get to settings to perform the restart, but I have not found a way to exit the state otherwise. For example, the back button does nothing.


Below are the bottom and top sections of the screen shot from when this occurred.


Bottom of ScreenBottom of ScreenTop of ScreenTop of Screen

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Hi, thanks for your feedback! What's your launcher version, phone type and android version?

@Ann_Yao_680 Android 9, Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018), Microsoft Launcher


It has been happening for some time on earlier versions of the Launcher as well.

It is usually fairly rare, but it happened again today.

Thanks for your reply! We are looking at it. Could you please send us the repro steps? @ms4132 

@Ann_Yao_680 I have not been able to determine what triggers this and don't know how to reproduce it. It happens most often when I unlock my phone, which is usually by fingerprint. It is so rare that I don't recall if it ever happens when I unlock with a PIN. Both times yesterday, it was with fingerprint unlock.