Power Button on Start Menu double left click (Windows 11)

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When opening the start menu to power off my laptop I have noticed I have to left click the power button twice for the power off options to appear. It should be you only have to click it once in my opinion.

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@Rayza2010 I have the same issue with the start menu - and I've seen others reporting this also. In my case, the problem also affects clicking into the search menu and toggling to 'All apps', which both require two left clicks the first time I attempt this after a startup or reboot. Subsequent use of the buttons works on the first click. Have tried a few of the suggests fixes - re-installing the mouse & keyboard, changing the mouse USB port, disabling Always show scrollbars - but none works. Guess it's some glitch with the new Windows 11 OS that Microsoft will eventually fix.

Yes, can confirm this is happening here as well. Have not been able to find a fix as I agree with SJB58 above, windows 11 OS bug not addressed yet.

@Rayza2010 It should be definitely one click to open the power menu.

Same is here. I noticed that the first click causes the search field to lose focus, the second click opens up menu as it should be with the first click, as if you had to get rid of some invisible modal with the first click.


This is observed and works (or rather doesn't work) ONLY when you open win menu and click the power button for the first time, i.e. after a restart. Subsequent clicks work properly, but mind that opening win menu to restart / sleep / power off your computer IS NEARLY ALWAYS the first time you click on win menu, thus making this bug EXTREMELY ANOYING.

Dear Microsoft, please fix it.


Same issue here - just seemed to crop up for me though within the past week.

You've most likely always had it...in either case, I haven't heard or seen of a fix since I fresh installed Win11 2 months ago. You can double check by doing a restart/reboot and without clicking anything else, try shutting down using power icon.