Pictures will not shown on NOTES Screen in Microsoft Launcher

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Hi from Berlin,


i use Stricky Notes daily and sometime i drop some pictures in Sticky Notes.

But these pictures i inserted in Sticky Notes will not shown on NOTES Screen in Microsoft Launcher!

Is it a bug or is it not wanted by the developers?


Best Regards


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@OliverBerlin Hi Oliver, thanks for your feedback! Could you please tell us your launcher version, android version and phone type to help us troubleshoot it?



Launcher Version:

Smartphone: SONY Xperia 1 (J9110)

Android 10 (Build: 55.1.A.3.107)

Kernel Version: 4.14.117-perf+


Thanks, and i hope it helps!




I have only one sticky note with just text. Even that is not showing on the launcher card. It used to show up earlier. So more likely a bug with a recent launcher update.

Are you able to see the sticky notes with just text in them? Because I don't. And all my apps are up-to-date.