Outlook app on iPhone 12 (iOS 15.1) keeps crashing on launch

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Every time I try to open the Outlook app on my iPhone 12 (iOS 15.1) it keeps crashing right away. I have two business Microsoft accounts logged into it and they're working on desktop just fine.


I tried (1) restarting my phone and (2) removing the app (and deleting data) and re-installing it but it still keeps crashing. Not sure how to remove my Microsoft accounts from the Outlook app without being able to open it in case the accounts themselves are causing the issue. Couldn't find anything in the Outlook settings on my phone.


Update: At least in my case, it appears that adding Outlook widgets to the widgets screen on my iPhone was causing the app to crash. When I removed the widgets, the app was able to start again. See my best response reply below for more details.

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@sergei-wallace I am having the same issue on my iPad Pro (11 inch) as I just upgraded to same iOS 15.1 and cannot run Outlook any more.  Help!!

It eventually started working for me later on yesterday. Not sure why.

Note it still does not work on IPad.  Interestingly, I can see Outlook emails on the lock screen with contents, but cannot open the app on my iPad yet.  I have powered down.

Same issue here, new iPhone 13 w iOS 15.1. It worked for awhile then started crashing on start.

Power off/on & reinstall of Outlook have not helped.

Also my phone is enrolled in my company’s Intune MDM.
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Update: I think I figured out the issue (for me, at least). I had added Outlook widgets to my iPhone widgets pane (interface when you swipe left from the home screen) and it started crashing again. When I removed the widgets, the app is able to start again. I imagine this caused the original issue, as well, as I had added the widgets before the app started crashing and then they were auto-removed when I uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

Side note: I believe that my company enabled some new enterprise security feature for Office 365/Outlook (a new loading screen appeared when I opened the mobile Outlook app the other day with some message about securing my device/work account etc.) and so that *may* play a role in this crash bug and the incompatibility with iOS widgets.

See my new reply that I've marked best response. If you have Outlook widgets added to your widgets screen, then that may be causing the crash. That appears to have been my issue.
See my new reply that I've marked best response. If you've added any Outlook widgets to the widgets screen, then that may be causing the crash. That appears to have been my issue.
This still does not solve the issue for me. I dont have Outlook as a widget on the iPad with iOS 15.1
I've been having the same issue with my iPhone for the past 2 weeks. Tried everything - even factory resetting my device. My iPad Pro seems uneffected. Support directed me to this page noting that it was a 'known issue'... but that was after telling me to go to Apple to fix.

Extremely disappointed.

After uninstalling and reinstalling, I eventually got it working. Not in any reproducible way, though. It just stopped crashing finally.


I've had a similar problem, and one of my friend suggested me to use Joyoshare iOS repair tool to have a try, I did, it works for me.