OneDrive doesnt Sync anymore after Win11 upgrade

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I have an issue with OneDrive after upgrading to Win11. 


I have already tried the following:

- reset onedrive (%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset)

- uninstall/reinstall latest version (Version 21.250 64bit)


OneDrive does not give any errors. Also "offline files" that I can see in the folder, I can download and open, yet new created files and folders on other devices, do not show up on the current Win11 pc. 





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I have tried the following things in the past days:
- Pause Sync and start again
- Restart OneDrive
- Unlink Account -relink
- Uninstall Onedrive – reinstall OneDrive
- Reset Onedrive via CMD (command prompt)
- Reset proxy settings
- Changed power setting to High Performance

Unfortunately none have fixed the problem..