On-Screen Keyboard leaving a white bar in OneNote for Windows 10

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Hey there,

I have a bug to report. I'm currently using Windows 11 Home, Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000 on a HP Envy x360. The following problem occurs everytime I use the On-Screen Keyboard in OneNote for Windows 10:

When I don't have my Notebook/pages showing or use OneNote in Fullscreen mode and the On-Screnn Keyboard shows up, after I hide it, it just leaves a white bar behind and OneNote doesn't react to any touch input. After dragging the Window around or restarting OneNote it goes away.


This problem never occured in Windows 10.

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I'm using a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on the latest Windows 11 build and I've had this issue too. When I'm done using the on-screen keyboard and I click the "x" it leaves a white space that covers the lower half of the screen and I can't do anything in that area unless I minimize and then maximize the window again. It doesn't matter if I'm in full screen or not, it just happens like 75% of the time.